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    Happy Hydro HPS Grow Room Glasses

    100% UVA & UVB PROTECTION means you are safe from damaging ultraviolet rays. Superior optics provide unrivaled comfort, clarity, and safety in your grow room.

    Happy Hydro Green LED Headlamp

    17-WATT HEADLIGHT features 17 high-intensity green LED bulbs that allow you to enter grow rooms during night cycle without disturbing photo-period sensitive plants. Illuminates up to 100,000 hours.

  • Why Happy Hydro?

    Our mission is to build the most customer centric

    hydroponic supply company.

    Our Passion

    We have a passion and respect for gardening and growers. Creating a business that helps growers and gives back to the environment is a dream come true.


    Making lives easier for growers across the world is extremely fulfilling to us and the motivation that comes naturally from doing so keeps us growing ourselves!

    About us

    Founded in 2015, we are a "growing" company located outside of Buffalo, NY.


    We've spent years in the garden, forums, and hydroponic stores and will be sharing that info with you in our blog.


    You can reach our founder Chris by email at chris@happyhydro.com



    Giving Back

    We are also on a mission is to give back to the environment.


    We've partnered with onetreeplanted.org to plant trees throughout the world.


    We will focus our efforts on reforesting the most vital ecosystems in the world.

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