A Complete Guided Tour to the Gorilla Grow Tent

Since the company's inception over a decade ago, Gorilla Grow Tents has been on a mission to deliver the "Tallest. Thickest. Strongest. Gnarliest" grow tents on the market. They continue to hold the Best Grow Tent Winner in America six years running and are consistently the number one selling grow tent on the market.

Safe to say they've accomplished their mission. 

Happy Hydro supplies Gorilla Grow tents because of the attention to detail, the consistent quality, and specific application for indoor cannabis growers. So, let's unzip a Gorilla Grow Tent to take a guided tour of the features which set this grow tent apart from most others in the industry today. 

Remember, it's the details that matter, and for growers large and small, these tents are worth a closer inspection.

Appearances Matter, The Initial Inspection of a Gorilla Grow Tent

All Gorilla grow tents are all outwardly black, with the original models made from strong 1680D fabric (the new Gorilla LITE Tent has a canvas density of 210D). Tough fabric means absolutely no light penetration, for total control on the indoor environment.

These grow rooms range in size, from tiny 2' x 2.5' versions to massive 10' x 20' spaces. Over the years, the company has branched out from the standard 5'11" height develop a 2' height expansion pack as well as the Gorilla SHORTY indoor grow tent. The range in dimensions means both small, home growers and commercial operations have the flexibility to place the grow tent appropriately within their grow space,

At a glance, the outside has a total blackout appearance, and there are no immediately visible doors or ducts protruding from the tent. On closer inspection, two viewing windows are strategically placed at eye height on the front panels for quick viewing. They completely seal when not in use.

The front panels also include the main access doors, again sealed with virtually industrial strength zipper design. Unlike your backpacking tent or down jacket, these zippers are large enough for easy zipping and reduce the risk of catching fabric along the way. 

Walking around the backside of the Gorilla tent, you'll notice the rear access doors and double cinching ducting ports. These allow for ventilation and HVAC considerations but prevent light or odor from crossing through the portals.

Going Inside a Gorilla Grow Tent

Unzip the front doors of a Gorilla Grow Tent, and you will be immediately confronted with the bright reflective interior. Gorilla Grow makes every inside surface of the tent out of diamond-reflective fabric. According to Gorilla, this should redistribute up to 30 percent of the light within the tent.

The floor, also reflective, is a spill trail. Any dirt, nutrients, water, or whatever else is going on in the grow tent — will stay within the grow tent. The bottom section of the tent also has several micro-mesh pest control pre-filters placed around the edges. 

The frame, really the integral component to these tents, is made from reinforced steel pools, with interlocking corners. Interestingly, the original developer of the Gorilla Tent had an unfortunate accident with a collapsing structure. Let's call this a happy accident because his frustration inspired him to create the Gorilla series of grow tent available today. Now the tents hold upwards of 300 lbs, perfect for the lights, ventilation equipment, and whatever else you need the tent to contain

As a helpful final interior feature, every tent has a useful tool pouch tucked inside to keep tools organized and contained. Store grow room glasses, scissors, and small nutrient containers handy for easy access. Finally, the ceiling is made from infrared blocking material to lower the heat expression of the space.

Gorilla Grow Tent Enhancements

Depending on your needs as a grower, Gorilla Grow Tent offers several enhancements to the standard tent base. 

For starters, you can add the 9" expansion to the SHORTY tents, or the 2" extender mentioned earlier. With either kit, you can custom fit the tents to better suit your grow and room.

Additionally, for heavy fruits or flowers, they carry a Gorilla tent specific nylon net trellis, which snaps into each stainless steel corner pole to stretch across the middle of the tent. Or, the High CFM kits, which are a helpful add on for growers fighting negative pressure (tent walls sucking in) in the grow tent. 

Larger commercial growers may also appreciate a gear board perfected fitted to the interior wall of the grow tent, which can neatly hold the essentials without taking up much space.

Complete Gorilla Grow Tent Guided Tour

There you have it, your top to bottom, inside to outside, guided tour of the Gorilla Grow Tent experience. It's a brand that has been built from the ground up by growers, for growers meaning that each detail is thoughtful and provides value-added for the indoor cannabis grow room. 

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