Indoor Grow Room with vertical gardening racks for cannabis cultivation

Several states and provinces in North America allow citizens to grow cannabis plants for personal use. The number of plants you can have varies by where you live. Residents over 21years old in Colorado, for example, are allowed to grow up to three plants simultaneously. Furthermore, the cultivation of cannabis for personal use is illegal in Quebec, Canada, where recreational cannabis is legal for those 21 and older.

There are several advantages and disadvantages to growing cannabis plants. 

Cannabis cultivation has several advantages, check out services from Homegrown Cannabis Co.

The Results Are Outstanding

As a plant grows into a robust, aromatic plant, it can provide immense satisfaction and ease stress. "Interacting with an indoor plant reduces psychological stress," according to research. Plus, the complexity of cultivating cannabis makes it a rewarding hobby you can continue to embrace throughout your lifetime. Similarly to homemade food, dried flowers from home taste better than those purchased from a store.


A Focus On Quality

Growing your own marijuana if you want to control exactly what you're inhaling from your vape pens and other cannabis-infused products? Growing produce at home puts homeowners in total control of all the nutrients, additives, and minerals they use. They can always be confident that their crops are free of contaminants, such as chemical contaminants, microbial contaminants, and pesticides.


Save Money

Growing your cannabis may lower your costs, depending on how much and how often you consume it. The initial equipment and operational costs can be pretty high since most people grow indoors. You will save money over time if you stick with it because your expenses will decrease with every successful harvest.


You Can Brand It And Trim It

Another advantage of growing your cannabis is that you get to trim it yourself. Cannabis trimming can be quite therapeutic and allows you to be as creative as you like. The next time your friends come over, cut an enormous half-ounce bud and show it off to them. You'll make them green with envy!

Trimming should not be the end of your efforts. It is your responsibility to come up with names for your plants. Take inspiration from your favorite musicians or movie references or makeup nicknames for your homegrown strains. There are no limits to what you can achieve. 


The Cons

It's not all roses when it comes to growing cannabis. While there are several benefits to growing your cannabis, there are also several challenges. The following are a few to consider:


A State's Law May Differ From Another State

There is no consistent approach between legal states when it comes to growing your marijuana. This is one of the most critical hurdles to overcome. Some organizations are working to close these gaps temporarily. Still, until a federal standard is established, you will be responsible for ensuring that cultivating plants in your garden or house is not against the law.

To make the most of your green thumb, you'll want to check out your state's laws regarding growing. What is the law on this? Is it possible to have more than one plant? Is indoor growing necessary? You can decide what you can do based on these factors and the equipment you need.


Varied Types Of Growing Method

Many factors can impede your ability to grow cannabis besides state laws. The rules for growth vary according to the types of buildings, whether apartments, condos, or rental units. You can't grow in your residence if it doesn't allow it.

Legal cannabis cultivation in the U.S. is usually restricted to locked indoor spaces. In comparison to outdoor cultivation, indoor growing requires much more equipment and needs more space.

Most people tend to dedicate a room or walk-in closet specifically for growing cannabis since so many factors have to be controlled. Yet, for those who have the limited square footage, this might not be the best solution. A successful grow can also require much cultivation equipment and operational costs due to the lighting, electricity, thermoregulation, humidity, and timers required.

Bottom Line

Your goals are what matter. Growing your marijuana may not be the right choice for you to find cheap, easy, and quick cannabis. However, if a rewarding new hobby appeals to you and you have room, it's yours! Choosing cannabis could turn out to be the best decision you've ever made. Check out to learn more.

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