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17 Bulb Green LED Headlamp for Photoperiod Sensitive Plants - Happy Hydro

17 Bulb Green LED Headlamp

Happy Hydro

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  • 17-WATT HEADLIGHT features 17 high intensity green LED bulbs that allow you to enter grow rooms during the night cycle without disturbing photo-period sensitive plants. Illuminates up to 100,000 hours.

  • EASY 1-BUTTON USE turns the headlight on and lets you adjust the brightness levels. 

  • 2-WAY ADJUSTABLE HEADBAND provides a custom hands-free fit for reliable light exactly where you need it. Just 3 AAA batteries (NOT INCLUDED) make the Happy Hydro Headlight lightweight for comfort.

  • TILTABLE HOUSING directs the beam so you can tend plants at various heights and angles. Adjust the intensity for varying degrees of illumination. Ideal for the professional or recreational horticulturist.