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Advanced Gravity System Fittings SetAdvanced Gravity System Fittings Set
Basic Gravity System Fittings SetBasic Gravity System Fittings Set
Advanced Hose System Fittings SetAdvanced Hose System Fittings Set
Basic Hose System Fittings SetBasic Hose System Fittings Set
Blumat 8mm Shut-Off ValveBlumat 8mm Shut-Off Valve
Distribution DripperDistribution Dripper
Distribution Dripper- End Piece
Blumat 8mm Hose Unions
3mm Quick Connect On/Off Valve3mm Quick Connect On/Off Valve
Blumat 8mm Tees - Each
Blumat 8mm Elbows - Each
Blumat End-Piece (8mm to 3mm) w/ CapBlumat End-Piece (8mm to 3mm) w/ Cap
8mm Y Splitter8mm Y Splitter
Blumat 3mm 4-way Cross
3mm Tees - Each
Blumat | 3mm Hose Union | For Drip Tubing
Blumat Stops, sealing caps- Each
Blumat 8mm Cross for Supply Tubing
Replacement Blumat Carrot Tee

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