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Blumat 8mm Shut-Off ValveBlumat 8mm Shut-Off Valve
Blumat 8mm Elbows - Each
Blumat End-Piece (8mm to 3mm) w/ CapBlumat End-Piece (8mm to 3mm) w/ Cap
Blumat 8mm Tees - Each
Blumat 8mm Hose Unions
Blumat 3mm 4-way Cross
3mm Tees - Each
Blumat 3mm Tees - Each
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Blumat | 3mm Hose Union | For Drip Tubing
Distribution Dripper with End Cap (Plug)Distribution Dripper with End Cap (Plug)
Blumat Distributor Drippers (Ten) + 2m of Drip Tube
Hose Spigot Pressure Reducer 15 PSIHose Spigot Pressure Reducer 15 PSI
Blumat Stops, sealing caps- Each
Blumat 8mm Cross
Blumat Blumat 8mm Cross
Sale price$1.95
Replacement Blumat Carrot Tee
Blumat Filter | Clear Bowl | 8mm

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