Water Reservoir Tank Connectors Blumat (Set of 2)

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These two Tropf Blumat Water Reservoir Thru-Hull Tank Connectors make it easy to set up a "Tropf Blumat Loop" system. They allow the water to flow in 2 directions effectively giving you twice the capacity. They also equalize the pressure and is a kind of "insurance policy" if your line gets kinked, something clogs it up, or someone accidentally puts something heavy on it, all the plants will still get water. 
  • Our water source connectors attach your 8mm Tropf Blumat water supply line to a rain barrel or water storage tank to build your own gravity fed system
  • Drill a 1/2" (12mm)  hole into any water tank to convert it into a Tropf Blumat reservoir
  • When installing, make sure to insert the included rubber seal on the inside of your reservoir
  • A shut off valve must always be connected after the tank connector to facilitate removal and repositioning of Tropf Blumat sensors

  • Made in Austria

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