Cannador® Pre-Roll Box with VaporBeads

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Add a statement to your coffee table, desk, armoire or dresser, and comfortably separate and store your top shelf collection in a hand crafted Cannador®. Regulate humidity using either a rechargeable bead system or humidity packs to ensure your bud stays fresh and long lasting. These products are great for storage or dry-bud revival.

Think Cannador® but small!

Give your pre-rolls the same love that your Cannador® gives to your bud. This box is designed to keep your pre-rolls secure while maintaining the perfect relative humidity within the box using VaporBeads by Cannador®. Holds up to 12 pre-rolls. Note: this model does not come with VaporBeads, but can be optionally added.

Product Description:


  • Pre-Roll Storage Box
  • 2 Keys
  • VaporBeads for Humidity Control
  • Made with Walnut wood

*VaporBeads are a rechargeable bead system made of medical grade silica which are impregnated with a salt based formula. The beads have micropores for excess moisture absorption to give precise humidity control. Simply dip one-third to one-half of the bead case in distilled or reverse osmosis (RO) water and set in your humidor to maintain a desired relative humidity. Hydration cycles may vary depending upon the container and climate. Normally requires rehydrating every 2-3 weeks. This bead system will maintain a relative humidity of 55% to 65% when saturated and will return to 50% RH when dry.

Product Dimensions:

Length: 7"
Width: 4"
Height: 5.5"
Weight: 3 lbs.


Sometimes the wipe-down method (wiping a wet cloth on the inside of the humidor) shocks the wood and does not fully allow the wood to retain moisture. In this case, add a half filled shot glass of water into your humidor and let it sit idle for a week or until the water has fully evaporated. This method is a slower and sometimes more stable way to let your humidor acclimate to moisture.

Re-season your humidor after long-periods of inactivity. Sometimes you'll notice that your VaporBeads dry out very quickly in the humidor because the wood can become dry. The wood can act like a sponge and soak up all the moisture from the VaporBeads, so re-season the humidor so the wood does not absorb as much moisture from the VaporBeads.

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