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For the home grower or the cannabis connoisseur, what's the best place to keep your weed that eliminates the smell? From the harvest to your stash box, it's time to upgrade your storage. There are now more than ever-stylish, safe, and smell-proof weed containers ready to store a few grams to a few pounds. 

Happy Hydro carries a range of solutions, including smell proof stash boxes, stainless steel C-Vaults, and on the go travel bags.

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5 Smell Proof Weed Containers

1. The Smell Proof Stash Box

The classic stash box is an old cigar box filled with loose papers, crumbled nugs, and likely a roach or two. Most people's container for weed isn't clean, discrete nor smell proof. 

If you want to eliminate the smell of weed for good, you'll need to upgrade to a smell-proof stash box. Modelled after cigar humidors, Cannador is a storage system for cannabis connoisseurs. 

Its unique design is secure, odor-proof, and humidity-controlled. Available in several sizes (2 strains to 8 strains), depending on your stash, it preserves the quality of your flower in a stylish wooden exterior. 

What's more, throw in the Boveda® Butler, a Bluetooth hygrometer, and get instant reads on the relative humidity without ever opening the lid. Keeping the smell locked away and the moisture levels just where you want them.

Explore Our Cannador Smell Proof Stash Box

2. Control Odors — Anywhere

If the smell of your home grow is overpowering the grow tent, are there ways to eliminate these odors? Ona Pro Gel is a professional solution for smelly grow tents and grow boxes. Placed in and around the grow tent, the gel naturally neutralizes the strong smell of terpenes.

Available in a neutral or fresh linen scent, Ona rose from years of tinkering with the formulation to make a product that is environmentally safe and scientifically proven. 

The team behind Ona has designed it with the grow room in mind, whether it's a greenhouse, grow tent, or hydroponics set up.

Check Out the Many Ona Pro Gel Applications for the Grow Room

3. Long Term Smell-Proof Storage For Your Harvest

An ongoing dilemma for the home grower is smell proof storage for the harvest — especially if you are tight on space and worried about discretion. 

If smell and space are major concerns, Dry & Mighty Bag's offer affordable reusable storage solutions. These are smell-proof weed bags that are resealable and reusable from one harvest to the next. 

What's more, these aren't your standard Ziploc baggies. Every Dry & Mighty bag is made from airtight, durable industrial-grade plastic. They are puncture and tear-resistant, designed for long term use. 

They are one of the few space-saving weed containers on the market, with the XL bag capable of holding upwards of one pound of bud. Seal in flavor and eliminate pungent aromas with a set of Dry & Mighty airtight ziplocked bags.

Explore the Dry & Mighty Odor Proof Bags Options

4. Plastic Free Odor Proof Storage For the Home Grower

In the ongoing quest to find sustainable and long-lasting weed storage for home grows, many cultivators have turned to the C-Vault Bud Containers. Stainless steel is the gold standard in home storage. The C-Vault containers also come with an airtight resealable lid and built-in humidity control, thanks to Boveda packs.

Whether your harvest is one pound or 50, the C-Vault is a safe, moisture-proof, and odor-proof container. Humidity packs designed specifically for cannabis maintain two-way moisture control. Boveda packs preserve a perfect cure and improve less-than-perfect ones.

C-Valut containers have wide mouths for easy access but seal tightly thanks to the innovative snap-and-seal lid. These stash containers are insanely durable and will withstand years (maybe even decades) of ongoing use. The C-Vault Bud Storage containers make for a perfect personal stash box or used as long-term home grow storage.

Get C-Vault Bud Storage with Humidity Control Now

5. Eliminate the Smell of Weed On the Go

While a smell proof stash box and at-home storage solutions might work for your home grow — what about when you are on the go? You aren't the only one who brings a little something special with them to run errands or travel. 

The Funk Fighter is a catch-all travel bag with a high-quality carbon lining to trap and eliminate weed smell. The Pocket Bag is perfect for slipping into a larger carry case (5" x 4"), while the Daily Travel Case (a1", x 3.75", x 6.75") has enough room for your whole kit.

Both options are ideal for getting rid of the smell of weed in the car, office, or while traveling. They offer peace of mind and discretion for the cannabis consumer who needs to travel with their medicine.

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Solutions for Getting Rid of the Smell of Weed

Reducing or eliminating the smell of weed from your home has always been an uphill battle, especially for home growers who may be wrangling several pounds of product. 

New technologies, like the C-Vault, the Might & Dry, and the Cannador, make it possible to get weed odors under control. From your personal stash to your harvest, there are ways to seal the smell of weed in and moisture out.

Author | Chris McDonald

With two decades of expertise, Chris leads Happy Hydro in redefining sustainable gardening and delights in backpacking adventures, mind-expanding journeys, and creating memories with his loved ones.

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