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BluSoak Drip Tape – 50'BluSoak Drip Tape – 50'
BluSoak Drip Tape – Mega, 100’
BluSoak Drip Tape – Mega, 500’
BluSoak Drip Tape to 3mm Blumat AdapterBluSoak Drip Tape to 3mm Blumat Adapter
5" Tropf Blumat Watering Carrot5" Tropf Blumat Watering Carrot
9" Tropf Blumat Watering Carrot
Distribution DripperDistribution Dripper
Blumat Distribution Dripper
Sale price$1.27
Hose Spigot Pressure Reducer 15 PSIHose Spigot Pressure Reducer 15 PSI
5 Gal Blumat Water Reservoir w/ Lid & Fittings
8mm Standard Blumat Water Supply Tubing - 23' Roll
8mm Super-Flex Blumat Water Supply Tubing - 50' Roll8mm Super-Flex Blumat Water Supply Tubing - 50' Roll
BluSoak Drip Tape End/Flush Plug
BluSoak Drip Tape ElbowBluSoak Drip Tape Elbow
BluSoak Drip Tape CouplerBluSoak Drip Tape Coupler
BluSoak Drip Tape TeeBluSoak Drip Tape Tee
Blumat BluSoak Drip Tape Tee
Sale price$1.95
BluSoak Tape to Tape Shut-Off ValveBluSoak Tape to Tape Shut-Off Valve
Gravity System Timer w/ AdaptorsGravity System Timer w/ Adaptors

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