Welcome to Happy Hydro's Grow Room Profit Calculator! Ready to turn your growing passion into profit? Input your costs, expected yield, and selling price, and we'll do the math for you. In just seconds, you'll see your gross revenue, total expenses, and net profit. 

Disclaimer: This calculator is an estimation and should not be relied upon for commercial use.

Grow Room Profit Calculator

This calculator is based on the cost per grow cycle. Use any currency and input your estimated costs and returns.


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Total Expenses: $

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Version 1.0 - Created 8/24/23

How to Use the Grow Room Profit Calculator

Step 1: Inputting Costs

  • Clones/Genetics: Include the cost of seeds or clones.
  • Electricity: Consider energy-efficient lighting to save on costs.
  • Water: Proper irrigation methods can help here.
  • Nutrients & Soil: Include the cost of fertilizers, soil, or hydroponic solutions.
  • Labor: Whether it's your time or hired help, include labor costs.
  • Expected Yield and Selling Price: Use your best estimate, based on previous grows and market research.

Step 2: Calculating Profit 

  • Click 'Calculate Profit,' and you'll instantly see your gross revenue, total expenses, and net profit. It's that simple and accurate!

Understanding Your Grow Room Financials

  • Gross Revenue: The total income from your expected yield multiplied by your selling price per unit.
  • Total Expenses: The sum of all costs, including genetics, electricity, water, nutrients, soil, and labor.
  • Net Profit: Your gross revenue minus total expenses, a vital figure to know for your business growth.

Tips to Increase Profits

Support & Resources:

Need further assistance or have questions about using the calculator? Feel free to contact our support team or explore our extensive library of resources on cannabis cultivation. From beginner guides to advanced cultivation techniques, Happy Hydro is your go-to destination for all things gardening.

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