Booming Sales Trends for Home Growing Equipment as Legalization Spreads

With marijuana becoming legalized in more states each year, it’s no wonder that weed enthusiasts are taking advantage of more permissive laws. In many areas, legislation still hasn’t outlined what is and isn’t permitted for businesses that want to sell cannabis products; for this reason, many people are holding off on opening up their own storefronts until they get some legal clarity on the issue. Fortunately, online vendors don’t necessarily face the same issues, especially sites like that sell marijuana seeds, rather than cannabis products with high THC levels.

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Aspiring home growers don’t have to deal with the same level of red tape, meaning they can cultivate their own weed as long as they stay within legally established limits. This has resulted in a surge of sales for home growing supplies; everything from ventilation systems to autoflower weed seeds are in high demand. If you’re getting started on your growing journey, you may be wondering which home growing equipment you need – and you’re in the right place. Keep reading to learn more about some expert-vetted essentials that can help you find success in your cultivation of cannabis.

Grow Tent

This is probably one of the most basic pieces of growing equipment, as well as the reason why so much other equipment is needed. Marijuana plants require protection from pests, plenty of light, consistent humidity, and more. Since this type of environment rarely occurs naturally, you’ll probably have to create it within a grow tent. It provides the perfect way to fine-tune each factor that your marijuana plants need to thrive, and can also double as the perfect drying room when the time comes.


This is pretty much a no-brainer, but it’s worth mentioning. Keep in mind that the larger the plant, the larger the pots should be; if a marijuana plant is in a pot that’s too small, this will stunt its growth, resulting in a lower yield.


Here’s another obvious one, but you shouldn’t think that any type of soil will do the trick. You should get soil with a neutral pH, that’s both well aerated and sterilized. It’s vital for the plants’ roots to get enough oxygen, since they can easily get clogged and start rotting in dense soil. Sterilized soil is another key part of the equation, since this will prevent the spread of parasites.

Denatured Alcohol

This might seem like an odd requirement for marijuana plants, but technically it isn’t for the plants – it’s for the equipment. Even if you’re growing your plants indoors, they could still be exposed to certain microorganisms (such as spider mites) that can destroy an entire crop. By regularly cleaning your tent and gardening tools with denatured alcohol and a clean cloth, you can limit the spread of microorganisms.


Although there are plenty of nutrients in standard soil, cannabis plants benefit from extra nitrogen and potassium. However, you shouldn’t just add these nutrients willy-nilly; there are specific concentrations that should be maintained. If this sounds complicated, don’t worry about it too much. Nutrient manufacturers generally make it easy to administer the right amounts, and there’s plenty of advice from experienced growers that you can find online.

pH Meter

The pH of the soil determines how acidic or alkaline it is, both of which can seriously affect the plants’ ability to intake nutrients. The most important time to use this is before planting the seeds, but you can also keep an eye on pH levels during the growing process.


Humidity control is essential in order to sustain healthy levels of transpiration and photosynthesis. If conditions are dry (such as during summer months), then a humidifier will probably be necessary. During wet winter months, a dehumidifier will likely be needed. For marijuana plants that are in the flowering or vegetative state, you should aim for humidity levels between 40% and 50%; for clones, you should keep things at 60% to 65% humidity.

Grow Lights

In order to germinate, grow to a vegetative state, and produce buds, marijuana plants need plenty of light. This process can be done for outdoor plants in certain climates, but if they’re being grown indoors, they should have dedicated grow lights that provide at least 18 hours of light per day. Popular options are LED panels or high-pressure sodium bulbs; it’s also common to set up these lights with a timer, so they automatically turn on and off as needed.


The grow lights don’t just emit light; they also emit heat. This is helpful to the plants, but fans are important to disperse and distribute the heat throughout the grow tent.

Hygrometer and Thermometer

These tools are essential in order to measure humidity and temperature. Since you’ll be creating an artificial environment inside the grow tent with a humidifier, dehumidifier, grow lights, fans, and so on, you’ll have to carefully monitor how these things affect conditions inside the tent. A hygrometer tells you what percentage humidity levels are at, and you probably already know how a thermometer works.

Pocket Microscope

Whether you’re trying to determine the sex of your plants, or you’re inspecting for mold, a small microscope will make the job a lot easier. This piece of equipment will also come in handy when you’re examining the appearance of the trichomes, which help you decide when the buds are ready to be harvested.

Spray Pump

When marijuana plants are about to flower, they need a little extra boost in nutrition. This can come from something called “foliar feeding”, where nutrients are sprayed directly onto the leaves. With a spray pump to help things along, your marijuana plants can get nutrients from both their roots and their leaves.

The Takeaway

With so many people deciding to grow their own marijuana plants now that it’s legal, the demand for home growing equipment is going up as well. It might seem like a lot just to keep a few plants alive, but once you have the basics, you’ll be able to produce one crop after another for years to come.

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