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Different nutrients have different effects on plant growth. Knowing the impact of certain nutrients and what deficiencies look like can help growers produce healthier, more abundant plants. While some growing methods rely on fertilizers, many growers choose to supplement with organic plant nutrients.



Nitrogen is one of the essential nutrients for plant growth, and it helps with photosynthesis, cell division, and protein synthesis. Plants consume a lot of nitrogen in their vegetative and early bloom phases. Nitrogen deficiencies can cause stunted growth, yellowing of leaves, and reduced flowering. Nitrogen toxicity can be identified by extremely dark green and "cupping" leaves.



Phosphorus is another essential nutrient for plant growth, and it helps with cell division, root development, and flowering. Phosphorus deficiencies can cause stunted growth, leaf purpling, and reduced yields. Plants typically need more phosphorous as they enter their bloom phase.



Potassium is essential for plant growth as it helps with water uptake and regulation, photosynthesis, and disease resistance. Potassium deficiencies can cause stunted growth, yellowing leaves, and reduced yields. Plants typically use more potassium in the bloom phase than vegetative.



Magnesium is necessary for photosynthesis and chlorophyll production. Magnesium deficiencies can cause the yellowing of leaves between the veins (known as interveinal chlorosis). When growing in coco coir or using reverse osmosis filtered water, gardeners often have to add a calcium & magnesium (calmag) supplement to re-add these nutrients to the water.



Sulfur is a crucial nutrient for plant growth as it helps with protein synthesis, photosynthesis and disease resistance. Sulfur deficiencies can cause stunted growth, yellowing of leaves and reduced yields.



Calcium is essential for plant growth as it helps cell division and root development. Calcium and magnesium are two of the most misdiagnosed deficiencies in gardening. They are also two of the most highly purchased supplements.


These nutrients are just a few of the many that are important for plant growth. Different stages of plant development require different levels of each nutrient. Happy Hydro carries organic nutrient supplements for correcting deficiencies and promoting vigorous growth from seedling to flower.


For a comprehensive guide on growing flowering indoor plants like cannabis, and the effects of each nutrient supplement on plant growth, read Mr. Grow It's 7 Steps to Grow Cannabis book.

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