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An inline fan is a type of fan that can be used to ventilate a grow tent to effectively manage your growing environment and reduce odor. Inline fans are placed inline with the ductwork of your grow tent, and they are used to move air both in and out of your environment.

Not sure where to put inline duct fans for optimal performance? This article will help you figure it out so you can get your ventilation system right the first time - saving you time down the road.

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Installing Inline Fans

The location of your inline duct fan depends on the given space as well as the purpose of the fan. If, for example, you want to install it in your house to help with ventilation, then we recommend putting it in the attic. That's because warm air rises and hot air, therefore, collects in attics more than any other room in most houses. By installing an inline duct fan in your attic, you can get rid of hot air and make your ventilation system more efficient.

If you're installing in a grow tent, then we suggest that you put your inline duct fan near the top of your grow tent. This will help cool the tent and promote optimal airflow.

However, sometimes that's not possible. For example, you have a small grow tent and can only fit a few plants in there without adding any extra equipment. When you factor in your grow lights & carbon filter - as well as the eventual height to which your plants will grow - there might not be enough room for a fan too.

You may lose some performance by installing your fan outside the tent, but you'll be able to keep all that valuable growing space for just your plants and light.

Choosing the Proper Size Fan

A smaller fan will have to work harder and, therefore, won't be as effective in larger spaces. It's better to get a bigger fan and use less power via a fan speed controller than go with a small one and max it out - you'll save energy this way and the silenced motor will thank you.

Inspecting and Maintaining Inline Fans

When a fan becomes dirty, it works less effectively and may eventually break. To clean your fan, simply unplug it and remove any debris that may have gathered on the blades or in the housing. If you live in a dusty area, then we recommend inspecting and cleaning your fan every few months. We recommend swapping out any carbon filters you're using every few months to keep your system clean.

Fan Speed Controller

This will allow you to save money on your energy bill by adjusting the speed of the fan based on your needs.

Keep your specific circumstances in mind and choose what will work best for you. The objective is to achieve the highest performance while also keeping the fan out of the way. There will be times when you have to settle for one thing over another.

Some fans allow you to plug into an external controller that monitors temperature and humidity and adjusts the fan speed to help control these measurables. Check out the Controller 69 Pro from AC Infinity if you are currently using one of their fans.


With this newfound knowledge on where and how to install inline duct fans, you can now size your space and purchase your fan with ease. If we had to pick one brand, AC Infinity inline fans will give you the most bang for your buck - they're high quality, have a wide range of sizes, and our customers have nothing but good things to say!

As always, check out our blog for more information on indoor gardening, and good luck on your grow journey!

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