7 Mil Poly Panda Film

7 Mil Poly Panda Film

Happy Hydro

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  • MAINTAIN PHOTOPERIOD INTEGRITY and grow your bottom line with Happy Hydro 7 Mil Poly Film. Durable and easy to work with, it’s perfect for DIY grow rooms as well as large-scale hydroponics and greenhouses.

  • DURABLE 7 MIL GRADE polyester film boasts greater tear resistance than competitors’ 5.5 mil film. Its extra thickness is more economical as well, eliminating the need for double layers of thinner films.

  • 90% REFLECTIVE white facing directs more light back at your plants where it is most productive. Enhance the lighting efficiency in your grow room or greenhouse by up to 30% without increasing electricity usage.

  • EXTREME OPACITY reduces heat build-up, deterring mold and algae growth. Black facing prevents unwanted light transmission to aid in your plants’ growth, metabolism and physiological development.




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