7 Mil Poly Panda Film - The Thickest Light-Proof Panda Film

Size: 25 feet x 10 feet
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  • MAINTAIN PHOTOPERIOD INTEGRITY and grow your bottom line with Happy Hydro 7 Mil Poly Film. Durable and easy to work with, it’s perfect for DIY grow rooms as well as large-scale hydroponics and greenhouses.

  • DURABLE 7 MIL GRADE polyester film boasts greater tear resistance than competitors’ 5.5 mil film. Its extra thickness is more economical as well, eliminating the need for double layers of thinner films.

  • 90% REFLECTIVE white facing directs more light back at your plants where it is most productive. Enhance the lighting efficiency in your grow room or greenhouse by up to 30% without increasing electricity usage.

  • EXTREME OPACITY reduces heat build-up, deterring mold and algae growth. Black facing prevents unwanted light transmission to aid in your plants’ growth, metabolism and physiological development.

Redirect light energy without harmful hot spots

Good lighting is crucial to a successful indoor growing operation, yet can be vexing to replicate within 4 walls. Happy Hydro 7 Mil Poly Film allows you to reclaim light energy with additional fixtures, increased electric consumption or potential heat problems. These smooth dual-faced sheets let you easily create reflective walls, floors and ceilings in grow rooms and greenhouses for more diffuse coverage and less risk of hot spots that burn plants.

Extreme opacity and reflection

Happy Hydro Poly Film boasts an industry-leading 7 mil thickness. Not only does this make it more resistant to rips and tears during installation and use, but it also eliminates the need to double-up layers of competitors' thinner 5.5 mil films to prevent light intrusion. One sheet of dual-sided Happy Hydro 7 Mil Poly film simultaneously seals out light transmission from outside, while delivering 90% reflectivity inside your grow room. This results in healthier, more productive plants and reduced energy costs for you.

Easy to install

Our 7 Mil Reflective Poly Film is lightweight enough to hang on a wall with tape, yet rugged enough to be tacked or stapled to ceilings, drywall and flooring for a more permanent installation. This lets you put Happy Hydro 7 Mil Film to work in minutes. Scrim reinforcement between the black and white layers enhance the film's puncture resistance, increasing Happy Hydro's service life.

Shed new light on your grow room's efficiency. Add Happy Hydro 7 Mil Reflective Poly Window Film to your cart today.

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