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The Quest 100 is an impeccable blend of innovative technology and compact design, tailored specifically for the green-thumbed enthusiast. Nestled within a sleek white chassis complemented by a rust-proof black base, it promises optimal humidity control for all your gardening endeavors. 

Key Features:

  • High-Efficiency Performance: Achieves 100 Pints/Day with an efficiency of 7.5 Pints/kWh. Based on an 80* F | 60% RH environment. 

  • Unique M-CoRR Technology: Our patented Multi-Coil Refrigeration Recovery ensures industry-leading energy efficiency.

  • Superior Air Filtration: MERV-13 filters guarantee 65% more efficiency than MERV-8, protecting your greens from harmful contaminants.

  • AUTO RESTART: The unit automatically defaults to prior settings in the event of a power outage

  • Compact & Rust-Proof Design: Ensures easy placement and longevity, even in damp gardening spaces.

  • Made in the USA: Proudly engineered and assembled in Madison, Wisconsin, and backed with a 5-year warranty.

  • Onboard Humidistat: Easy digital controls featuring self-diagnostics and “Dark Mode” to limit light pollution

Applications: Ideal for small garden spaces or indoor plant projects, the Quest 100 ensures a thriving environment for your flora. The state-of-the-art filtration system makes it perfect for spaces where air quality is paramount, ensuring bacteria and mold-free sanctuaries for your plants. Moreover, the compact design suits spaces where floor real estate is precious. Meeting the stringent California Title 24 requirements, it's perfect for both whole-home and portable installations. Delight in the confidence of a product that stands by its promise, ensuring your greens remain fresh, and your blooms, vibrant.

Product Dimensions: 18.6" x 26.5" x 18.75" | 84lb

Quest's Unique M-CoRR Technology

At the heart of Quest's unmatched energy efficiency lies the groundbreaking M-CoRR (Multi-Coil Refrigeration Recovery) technology. An innovation exclusive to Quest, M-CoRR is a multi-coil design that stands distinct in the realm of dehumidification.

How Does M-CoRR Shine?

  • Recycle & Maximize: Unlike traditional dehumidifiers that utilize a single evaporator coil, Quest's M-CoRR is designed with three distinct refrigerant-filled coils: the pre-evaporator, evaporator, and recovery coil. This sequence ensures the air is first cooled, further cooled to extract moisture, and then, crucially, recycles the energy derived from pre-cooling back into the evaporator.
  • Supreme Efficiency: The result? An astounding 30% more water extraction from the air while using significantly less energy. This not only conserves energy but also reduces the heat expelled into your environment.
  • Compact Power: Embodying more capacity in a design averaging 20% smaller than its counterparts, M-CoRR provides immense power without eating up your space.
  • Consistent Performance: M-CoRR promises tighter control and a wider operating range. With its advanced design, performance remains steadfast even in cooler temperatures and varying dew points, resulting in fewer and faster defrost cycles.

Benefits at a Glance:

  • Peak Efficiency: Reduces electricity usage per pint of water extracted to its lowest.
  • Less Heat, More Comfort: Thanks to its efficiency, M-CoRR produces lesser heat, ensuring a comfortable ambiance.
  • Space-Efficient Design: Power doesn't compromise on size. Enjoy a smaller footprint without sacrificing dehumidification capacity.
  • Optimal Environmental Control: Maintain a consistent environment, especially vital for indoor cultivations, with M-CoRR's enhanced performance metrics.

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