Blumat Automatic watering system on a bed of yellow flowering plants.

Water is essential for photosynthesis, mineral and nutrient transportation, and cooling. If plants are properly hydrated, they'll grow healthily.

However, some things can hinder our efforts to water our plants. Will we be away for a few days? We'd need someone to check on them. During the summer, this gets a little more tedious.

Fortunately, someone was clever enough to come up with a possible solution: an automatic watering system! With these tools, we can make sure our plants are watered when needed to continue thriving all year round, even if we aren't there.

Today, there are many options to choose from. Blumats and AutoPots are the most popular. In this review, I'll evaluate both systems to pick the best one.

Why I'm Doing This Review

"Automating my watering!" – This was the first idea that came to my mind when I started looking for a way to save time and money.

After some research, I realized that it was indeed the solution. Setting up an automatic watering system would definitely help me save hours of my time each week.

I don't want you to think I'm stingy, but I had to do some penny-pitching back then. At the end of the day, saving helps me set aside funds for future investments. So, this was the second thing that caught my attention. An irrigation system can limit overwatering and reduce costs.

How Blumat Automatic watering system work.

However, I soon discovered that these were only two of the benefits that automatic watering systems offer.

Minimize underwatering? This would have been a lifesaver back in the day when I was a new grower. Avoiding drought during hot days in peak summer months? These tools can make all the difference!

Plus, I knew that scheduled watering and consistent moisture would allow my plants to grow at their most efficient rates. This was the icing on the cake. I was really amazed.

However, things got more complicated when I started searching for the ideal irrigation solution. There are so many automation systems that I had to spend weeks evaluating and testing each one.

Fortunately, doing this equipped me with enough knowledge to help others save time and make better decisions if they're facing the same dilemma, so that's what I'll do today.

As mentioned, you'll find two popular options if you take a look at the market: AutoPot and Blumat watering systems. This guide evaluates each one in detail to help you choose the ideal irrigation solution for your grow tent or commercial environment. Read on and find all the information you need!

Blumat Watering Systems

Whether you have extensive experience growing plants or are new to the world of home gardening, you've probably heard about Blumat watering systems, especially if you've been looking for an automatic irrigation solution.

The Blumat system was created as a reliable, efficient, and affordable way to water our plants and vegetables on a permanent basis or when we're on holiday. It can be used indoors and on balconies, patios, raised beds, and greenhouses.


One of the things I love about Blumat systems is that we don't have to settle for the first product we find. There are two options, so we can choose the one that fits our needs and budget. Let's take a look at them.


With this automatic watering solution, which works like a gravity-fed system, we can make sure all the plants around our house get enough water when needed.

The Tropf-Blumat can reduce water consumption by watering each plant individually, releasing tempered water slowly and in doses so that our flowers or vegetables grow healthy and lush.

Since this system only has a few components, installation is so simple. It's a convenient and reliable solution that doesn't require electricity and works all year round. Plus, we can extend it to up to 500 watering points.

Tropf-Blumat automatic watering  system.

Blumat Classic

Introduced in 1965, the Blumat Classic has been tested a million times, so it's one of the most reliable irrigation solutions I've ever reviewed.

This system is ideal for indoor flowers and vegetables but can be suitable for balcony plants if we have to be away for a few days. In that case, we just have to choose the XL version.

Whether plants are in a sunny or shady area, these Blumat watering stakes will provide just the right amount of water they need, releasing it through the porous clay cone.

Classic Blumat watering stake.

The Blumat Classic is easy to install, allows plants to stay in their usual location (no repotting required!), can be used all year round, and is perfect for clay granules.

Blumat Accessories

This leading brand also offers some accessories that can help us optimize our watering and growing process, including the following:

  • Blumat Easy : It's a universal bottle adapter that comes in handy when we have to take a short holiday or will be away for a few days and can be used for indoor, balcony, and garden plants.
Blumat Easy accessories on a pet bottle.
  • Blumat Digital (moisture meter) : It's a moisture sensor or tensiometer that provides information about the moisture level of the soil near the plants and the suction power their roots need to extract water from it. This accessory can be used in indoor or outdoor settings, including commercial nurseries, and works on all types of soils or clay granules.
Blumat Digital soil moisture meter.

Pros and Cons of Blumat Systems

Although Blumat systems' benefits may vary from user to user, I think these are the most important:

  • I don't have to worry about adjusting water flow rates because Blumat carrots won't release any liquid if the soil is wet.
  • After testing Blumats carrots with different types of soils, including pro-mix, I can confirm that it's versatile. We can make the most of different medium kits!
  • With this system, each plant will absorb the right amount of water.

Although I personally think these systems are great, I noticed some drawbacks, including the following:

  • Blumat carrots can become loose and create an air gap. I know this problem can be solved by pushing them in every time we bump a pot. However, this adds more work time, and these systems aren't supposed to be designed for that.
  • I think the DIY watering approach isn't as simple as the brand claims.
  • This solution isn't the best option for those who use organic fertilizers.

AutoPot Watering Systems

If you've been looking for a simple-to-use automatic watering system, you've probably heard about AutoPot. This brand creates solutions that can be used either for indoor growing or for greenhouse crops.

AutoPot watering solutions typically have two main applications:

  • As a traditional soil irrigation system
  • As a hydroponic system
Autopot automatic watering system.

You can choose between several sizes, from single-size to 12+ site systems. Any of them will keep your plants watered even if you must be away for an extended period and a power outage occurs.

Since these irrigation systems have gravity-fed lines that supply water to each tray, they require no electricity. Plus, these solutions have an innovative feature: the brand's patented "AQUAvalve" technology that allows water to enter only if the medium has dried. That means there will be no waste!


  • AutoPots watering systems can maintain the desired moisture level of our plants, even if we leave them unattended for weeks. However, this isn't the only benefit that these solutions offer.

Below are other highlights of these products:

  • They're environmentally friendly.
  • These systems don't require timers or power connections.
  • We won't have to worry about watering our plants daily.
  • Our plants will absorb water from a tank or water barrel thanks to gravity.
  • There will be no water waste or runoff.
  • We can install this watering system in just minutes.

AutoPot Accessories and Products

Besides its main irrigation systems, AutoPots offers other accessories and products that will make it easier to grow and care for our plants, including the following:

  • Reservoirs
  • Raised beds and plots
  • CO2 generators
  • Fertilizers and cleaners
  • Fittings, piping, and AQUAvalves
  • Garden trays
  • AirDome kits
  • PotSock kit

And more.

Pros and Cons of AutoPot Systems

AutoPot systems also offer many advantages to plant growers. According to my findings, they include the following:

  • I think AutoPot systems are ideal for smaller potted plants.
  • Although there isn't enough information about this online, pots can be arranged in any way we want as long as the tank is 20 cm higher than the trays.
Autopot XL Fabric pot system.
  • The brand has introduced more options for those who want to grow more plants or are looking for systems with more capacity, including the 1Pot XL - 100Pot XL and the 1XXL - 100 XXL options with fabric pots of 3-5 gal and 9-13 gal, respectively.

Plus, there are some drawbacks we should consider:

  • AutoPot can become expensive for large setups. The brand says these systems are suitable for commercial settings. Actually, there are different sizes, including some we can use in ample growing spaces. However, they're too costly and don't provide enough control over watering.
  • These systems have too many small parts and components, so they don't scale well, which also makes me think that they aren't good for commercial settings.

How Do These Systems Work?

If we want to choose the best watering system for our plants, we must understand how they work. After testing Blumat carrots and AutoPot solutions, I can say that both options are easy to install and fulfill similar functions.

However, each brand behind these irrigation systems makes this process unique. Let's see how both will keep our plants at the desired moisture level!

Blumat Systems

As I explained above, Blumat systems don't use electricity. Instead, they have porous clay sensors that assess soil pressure and mixture levels.

As water is absorbed by plants or disappears through evaporation, this solution slowly releases more.

Honestly, the first thing I thought when I saw how this system worked was: this is mind-blowing! A few years ago, I couldn't believe that something so simple and easy to use could be able to do this. It doesn't even need power!

How Blumat Automatic watering system work

Considering this, we can say that Blumats work as gravity-fed systems, which means we don't need other tools to make sure our plants are properly watered. I didn't have to invest in pumps or timers, nor did I see my electricity bills rising to the sky.

AutoPot Systems

AutoPot solutions can also save us the headache that a potential power outage can cause if it occurs when we aren't at home. These systems don't require electricity, so they rely on gravity to provide water to potted plants.

As I mentioned before, this brand uses patented technology. The system delivers water to each tray only when the plants need it, but how is this possible? Well, the AQUAvalve in the bottom allows the liquid to pass into the medium if it has dried out.

This mechanism also prevents waste and runoff, as each individual plant absorbs water through bottom feeding.

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Blumats vs. AutoPots: Main Differences

After a thorough evaluation, I can confidently say that Blumats and AutoPot are good watering systems. However, there are important differences between the two, especially when used in grow tents or commercial settings.

First of all, it's important to note that Blumats have been designed to irrigate unfertilized water to plants. This small factor makes them perform better in organic super soils if they're pre-amended or top-dressed for fertilization.

Whether you choose Brumat carrots like me or prefer the Tropf model, you’ll get a fully automated system that will only irrigate the soil when necessary. As I mentioned before, this solution doesn't require electricity. Actually, it's one of the things I like the most about it.

AutoPots are different. They're effective and efficient. These systems have been created to feed plants with water that has been pre-mixed with soluble nutrients in the reservoir.

However, I think it's essential to use highly-soluble nutrients. Otherwise, they could build up and affect the reservoir or clog the irrigation lines, which is something we don't want.

Another main difference lies in how much adjustment power these systems will give us over our irrigation. Personally, I think I had more control over my watering schedule and each plant's moisture level with my Blumat carrots.

Final Verdict

I'll be 100% honest here. Both solutions are great for home growers. They don't need electricity, are easy to install and use, and will water our plants automatically, saving us hours of work and headaches.

Although power outages aren't common in my area, and I rarely go on vacation, I always prepare for the worst, so both systems have given me the peace of mind I need when I have to be away from home and my beloved plants.

However, these slight differences between both systems helped me reach this conclusion: AutoPots work perfectly in grow tents, but Blumats (specifically the Tropf-Blumat) are better for commercial settings .

Don't get me wrong. Both brands offer options for commercial areas and can help you grow beautiful, healthy plants. You can assess your needs and decide if you should use one or the other.

The use of fertilized or unfertilized water plays a key role here, for example. Blumats don't support liquids that have been pre-mixed with nutrients, so AutoPots may be a better option if you need to feed your plants with these solutions.

However, if you're growing plants on a large scale, you'll need control over your irrigation, which is something AutoPots won't give you.

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