AC Infinity Cloudforge T7 Gen 2 Humidifier

What's going on, everyone? Aaron here from Happy Hydro, and today we're diving into the Cloudforge T7 from AC Infinity. They recently released a Gen 2 model, and we're going to explore the enhancements and upgrades made to this already impressive machine. We'll also discuss the importance of maintaining even humidity levels for your grow environment. So, let's get started!

At AC Infinity, innovation and continuous improvement based on user feedback are key. Today, we'll compare the groundbreaking first-generation humidifier with the newly upgraded second-generation model. But before we dive into the specifics, let's quickly touch on why you might need a humidifier if you don't already have one.

Why Do You Need a Humidifier?

Proper humidity creates a microenvironment that allows your plants to photosynthesize and respire more effectively. Controlling humidity during each growth stage helps prevent diseases and issues like spider mites, which thrive in drier conditions. Additionally, it prevents moisture loss through leaves and is crucial during the seedling stage when plants require more moisture.

First Generation Highlights

Starting with the first-generation model, AC Infinity set the bar high. This machine provided precision vapor control, allowing for optimal plant growth. It features an extendable hose, so the unit doesn't have to be inside your tent, saving valuable space. It also comes with various attachments, including an elbow for direct vapor flow and a five-way nozzle for even dispersion. With a 15L tank, it's perfect for long trips or large tents needing consistent moisture.

First Generation Cloudforge T7 with extendable hose and attachments

What's New in Gen 2?

Now, let's talk about the Gen 2 Cloudforge T7. At first glance, it looks almost identical to the first generation, which is great for consistency. However, all the improvements are inside the machine. Here are the key upgrades:

Comparison of Cloudforge T7 Gen 1 and Gen 2
Comparison of Cloudforge T7 Gen 1 and Gen 2

A Comparison of Cloudforge T7 Gen 1 and Gen 2 in AC Infinity's ecosystem

Waterproof Design

The Gen 2 model features upgraded seals and filters to prevent stop valve clogging and leakage issues. This ensures that your humidifier remains reliable and efficient.

Air duct isolation and filter system in Cloudforge T7 Gen 2

Onboard Controller

The new onboard controller is geared towards managing Vapor Pressure Deficit (VPD). If you're not familiar with VPD, it measures the difference between the moisture in the air and the moisture the air can hold when saturated. This controller customizes humidity specifically for your plants' needs.

Onboard controller interface of Cloudforge T7 Gen 2

Enhanced Air Flow

The Gen 2 has added air duct isolation and a filter to prevent mist from reaching the electronics, which increases the reliability of the humidifier.

Air duct isolation and filter system in Cloudforge T7 Gen 2

PCBA Stability

The printed circuit board assembly (PCBA) is the brain behind your humidifier. The Gen 2 has an increased thickness and reoriented placement of the PCBA, making it more robust and better protected against moisture. This improvement ensures a longer lifespan and more reliable performance.

Why These Upgrades Matter

Each enhancement in the Gen 2 model directly reflects feedback from the community. The waterproof design protects against moisture damage, the isolated air duct and filter ensure flawless operation, and the robust PCBA offers longevity and reliability. From improved moisture control and increased durability to a smarter design, every change is made with your growing success in mind.

Summary of upgrades in Cloudforge T7 Gen 2


The AC Infinity Cloudforge T7 Gen 2 is an excellent upgrade to an already remarkable humidifier. Its enhanced features make it a reliable choice for maintaining the ideal environment for your plants. If you're looking to elevate your grow space, this is the humidifier for you.

Thriving grow space with Cloudforge T7 Gen 2

For more information on the Cloudforge T7 Gen 2, head over to And if you need help dialing in your VPD, we've got resources ready for you. If you have any questions, leave a comment, and we'll figure it out together. As always, stay happy, friends!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for the AC Infinity Cloudforge T7

What is the AC Infinity Cloudforge T7?

The AC Infinity Cloudforge T7 is a 15L environmental plant humidifier designed to optimize humidity levels for plant growth. It features smart controls, a precision EC ultrasonic vaporizer, and a robust design to prevent leaks and extend its lifespan.

What are the main features of the Cloudforge T7?

Key features include:

  • Smart Controls : The onboard controller offers humidity and VPD triggers, timers, and 10 levels of moisture output.

  • EC Ultrasonic Vaporizer : Provides fine-tuned moisture control.

  • Water-Resistant Design : Special seals and a durable body to prevent leaks.

  • Interchangeable Nozzle Heads : Options for targeted or wide-area moisture distribution.

How does the VPD functionality work?

The Cloudforge T7 uses VPD (Vapor Pressure Deficit) triggers to maintain optimal humidity levels based on the ambient temperature and relative humidity. This helps ensure your plants receive the right amount of moisture for healthy growth.

Can I control the Cloudforge T7 remotely?

Yes, the Cloudforge T7 can be integrated with the AC Infinity app via WiFi. This allows for remote control and monitoring, as well as access to more advanced programming features like dynamic climate triggers and grow cycles.

Is the Cloudforge T7 easy to set up?

Yes, the Cloudforge T7 is designed for easy setup. It comes with a detailed user manual and features like a backlit display and an automatic shutoff when the water supply is depleted, making it user-friendly and straightforward to install.

What are the benefits of using the Cloudforge T7?

The Cloudforge T7 offers several benefits:

  • Enhanced Plant Growth : By maintaining optimal humidity, it promotes healthy nutrient uptake and prevents diseases.

  • Energy Efficiency : Smart controls ensure efficient use of water and power.

  • Durability : Built with high-quality materials to ensure long-lasting performance.

What maintenance does the Cloudforge T7 require?

Regular maintenance involves checking the seals and filters to ensure they are clean and functioning properly. The unit’s robust design minimizes the need for frequent maintenance, but occasional cleaning and inspection are recommended to maintain optimal performance.

Are there any limitations to the Cloudforge T7?

One noted limitation is the length of the tubing, which some users have found to be short for larger setups. However, longer tubing can be purchased separately if needed to fit specific grow space requirements.

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