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Most houseplant deaths occur due to watering issues. A lack of water certainly leads to problems, but over-nurtured plants can suffer just the same. Root rot and other fungal diseases can attack your plants in excessively moist conditions, causing the untimely demise of your favorite Monstera or Snake Plant. 

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Keeping houseplants well-watered—but not overwatered—is the first step to developing your green thumb. But how do you cultivate this necessary intuition? Every plant species is different, leading to an inevitable variation in their watering needs.

Blumat Automatic Irrigation Kits make it easy to provide the proper level of moisture for your houseplants. As a matter of fact, they take a lot of the guesswork out of the equation. Once set up, the only chore you have to remember is keeping the reservoir filled—the clay watering cones take care of the rest.

How Blumat Works for Indoor Plants

The Blumat Irrigation Kit has become a staple for cannabis cultivators, indoor veggie growers, and raised bed gardeners, but it's also immensely valuable for houseplants. 

At it’s simplest, the system has three components: a stake, a tube, and a reservoir. There are no moving parts or electrical components, making Blumat much less prone to failure when compared to other automatic watering systems.

Using the science of vacuum and hydrostatic-pressure, the terracotta stakes pull water from the reservoir through the irrigating tubing. The stakes, also called carrots, are porous, allowing them to slowly add moisture to the surrounding soil.

Most importantly, it does this without flooding, as the stakes maintain homeostasis between themselves and the soil. Blumat is automatic self-watering at its simplest and most effective.

Once set up, the Blumat system delivers exactly the amount of water your plants require—no more, and no less. This functionality makes it ideal for indoor gardening.

How to Set Up Blumat Spikes for Houseplants

Plan ahead for your next vacation by installing a series of Blumat terracotta carrots—one for each of your houseplant containers.

Blumat Tip: You'll want to have this set up one to two weeks before your departure to ensure each carrot is working correctly. It's also helpful to understand how much water each plant requires to ensure your reservoir is large enough for the duration of your trip.

What You'll Need: Blumat Carrots (one for each plant), Reservoirs (ex: recycled water bottles, milk jugs, decorative glass containers, empty soda bottle).


Pre-Soak Blumat Stakes

Remove the cap from each of the clay stakes ('carrots') you intend to use. Place all of the terracotta ends into a container of water for at least 15 minutes. Some people like to soak their carrots for longer—even overnight. 

This step is required to 'set' the initial moisture content, ensuring the hydrostatic pressure pulls water from the reservoir into the pot.

Fill Stakes and Reseal

Once fully soaked, remove the carrots one-by-one from the water. Ensure each carrot is filled to the top with water. Reseal using the cap. Set aside and repeat until all carrots are filled and sealed.

Stake Next to Houseplants

Insert each pre-soaked and capped carrot into your plant’s container. Insert up until the cap, but not further. Place the stake an inch or more from the base of your houseplant and at least one inch from the outside of the container.

Setup Reservoir

Choose a suitably-sized reservoir for each plant. Smaller plants need less water (roughly two cups for two weeks), while larger plants may require more. Every plant's water needs are different, depending on species, climate, and season.

Place the reservoir within 12 inches of each plant, so the tip of the Blumat irrigation tubing easily reaches the bottom.

For the most effective setup, place the reservoir so that the water is around the same height as the container. Placement on the same shelf or windowsill works well.

Plants can also share the same reservoir, provided you've calculated enough water for both. The Blumat Classic Extend-a-Kit offers a little bit extra length (10') If you require more leeway with reservoir placement. 

Place End of Tube into Reservoir

Each Blumat carrot has a long length of tubing connected to the cap. Place the other end into the reservoir, and cover the reservoir to prevent evaporation. 

Monitor Daily

Before leaving on vacation, monitor your plants and reservoir(s) daily. Is the soil in each container damp, but not saturated? Are your houseplants showing signs of distress? Is the reservoir quickly emptying? Take notes and make adjustments as needed.


What Size Blumat Stake Do You Need?

Blumat plant stakes come in one of two sizes: regular or XL. The smaller terracotta plant stake works for most small to medium-sized houseplants, while the XL version is best for large plants in large pots. 

If you have an exceptionally large container, you maywant to place two or more carrots around the base. While they all can pull from the same reservoir, this will make sure there is adequate distribution of moisture around the full root ball. Just ensure the reservoir is large (and full) enough to support the plant's needs.

Houseplant Watering, Made Easy

Blumat takes the guesswork out of watering and helps relieve stress during extended vacations. Its simplicity is its genius. 

The Blumat Automatic Irrigation Kit is a self-watering system for all your house plants, no matter their size or needs. It's step one of keeping your houseplants alive.

Author | Chris McDonald

With two decades of expertise, Chris leads Happy Hydro in redefining sustainable gardening and delights in backpacking adventures, mind-expanding journeys, and creating memories with his loved ones.

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