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Grow tents are perfect products for people who prefer indoor gardening and growing over its outdoor alternative. These tents vary in size and can fit all sorts of requirements. They are also ideal because the grower has control of all aspects inside them.

However, due to climatic and other conditions, sometimes the humidity can get excessive. To ensure a balanced humidity level in the tent is to ensure the safety and quality of your plants.

What does high humidity do to your plants?

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Before diving into how you could reduce humidity in your grow tent, you must be curious why you need to lower it in the first place. Though humidity might seem like a naturally good thing since it is just water vapor, it is quite the opposite.

Grow tents are artificial growing environments by nature, so the owner needs to control all growing aspects. In this case, the humidity levels sometimes cross 70%, which is good for early seedling stage but can become harmful in late bloom.

Excessive humidity can lead the plants to rot and reduce or even prevent transpiration entirely. Also, more humidity can cause all sorts of fungus and bacteria to grow in the tent and on your plants. This excessive growth of unwanted organisms may harm your plants substantially. Especially for plants like hemp used to make CBD, it may deplete them of their full potential.

Here's how you can reduce humidity in your grow tent

There are two main steps that you can follow to lower the humidity levels in your grow tent:

  1. Identify the source of the excess moisture. You should find out what is causing the humidity levels to be unbalanced in your grow tent to fix it. Once you have successfully identified the problem, you can then find out how to tackle it.
  2. Target the source and use methods to reduce humidity. Once you become aware of the factors causing it in your grow tent, you can begin opting for ways to reduce it. Once you know the specific requirement of your situation, you will be able to deal with the humidity problem more efficiently.

Some sources of excess humidity and how to fight them

Though humidity may be related to weather conditions and arise due to the enclosed nature of the space, it can also be due to common mistakes. This article explains how humidity affects plants. Here are some things that might cause humidity in your grow tent to be careful of:

  • Stagnant water inside the tent- Stagnant water in holes or utensils inside the tent may increase the humidity. You can check your tent thoroughly and remove stagnant water.
  • Lack of proper ventilation- Since Grow tents are enclosed spaces with lesser natural aspects, it is essential to create ventilation to balance humidity and temperature. You can install fans and exhaust fans to ensure proper ventilation and rotation of air inside the tent.
  • Overwatering and overcrowding plants- Overwatering your plants can also cause the overall humidity to rise. It is best to avoid overwatering your plants to ensure optimum quality. For plants like hemp, it is necessary to water them appropriately to get the best quality CBD from them. CBD hemp flowers are prone to mold, so overwatering will only add to the possibility. Also, if you have too many plants in your grow tent, it can cause the humidity to rise. Try to manage your canopy density and distribute the plants well carefully.

Ways you can lower the humidity inside your Grow Tent.

Aside from the above problems, humidity may rise in the tent nevertheless. Since it is an artificial and enclosed environment, it could happen. In such cases, you can effectively reduce the humidity by using any of these methods:

  • Use a dehumidifier in the tent- Dehumidifiers of all sizes and capacities are available online. These machines absorb the excessive humidity in the air and help reduce the overall humidity levels. You can even improve ventilation by adding more fans in the tent to circulate air.

Dehumidifiers are also perfect for the purpose as they can control the exact humidity of the tent. You can set your desired humidity levels, and the dehumidifier will ensure that the tent remains at that level constantly.

  • Install an AC inside the tent- Apart from using a dehumidifier, you can also purchase an Air Conditioner for the tent. The main benefit of it will be that not only will you be able to reduce humidity, but you can also control the inner temperature of your tent.

For people living in places with extreme weather conditions, it is the best option. It can balance the temperature and humidity altogether.

  • Seal your tent well- One overlooked factor in Grow Tents is how well they are insulated and sealed. If the tents have gaps and openings, the weather and environment may affect the inside environment.

It is essential to insulate and seal the Grow tent tightly. You should also reinforce the structure to avoid external factors from affecting your crop.

Other than these ways, you can create air holes, remove water outlets or storage, use absorbent soil and other methods to control the humidity in your grow tent. If you follow all of these steps carefully, you can ensure a good yield of your crop.

Plants like CBD hemp are prone to damage because of excessive humidity in the grow tent. It is why the humidity of the grow tent needs to be at an accurate level to yield optimum results.


Grow tents are the perfect solution for those who want to cultivate plants in an indoor setting. The overall experience is ideal, but minor problems like humidity may arise.

By following some simple steps, you can ensure that the humidity levels in your grow tent do not exceed the preferred ones. With balanced humidity levels, you can achieve your crop goals and harvest a good yield.

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