AutoPot XL Systems, 1-100 Pots, 6.6 Gallon

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The Ultimate Solution for Indoor and Outdoor Gardening

The Autopot XL System is an advanced watering system designed to help indoor and outdoor gardening enthusiasts easily grow plants. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned gardener, the Autopot XL System will eliminate the guesswork of when to water and how much to water, preventing overwatering plants without using pumps or electricity to deliver water to your plants. 

Grow Big Plants!

This is Autopots largest plastic growing container. I'm sure you've come across photos of how big people's plants get inside some of their 3.9g and 5-gallon systems; imagine what you can accomplish with this.

With the increased size of your future plants, the AutoPot XL features a rotatable circular base to allow you to spin the plants to access the other sides! 

Save Time, Money, and Conserve Water!

Using a special valve, the AquaValve5, the system ensures that plants only receive water when needed, preventing drowning and water stagnation. Additionally, the system minimizes water waste by eliminating runoff and evaporation. 

Using AutoPots not only save time and money by eliminating the need for hand-watering. You also save money from wasting nutrients having to water to runoff, plus, you no longer have to hire someone to watch your plants while on vacation, and you actually enjoy that vacation without wondering if your plants are in good hands. 

This makes it an excellent choice for those who want to conserve water and reduce their environmental footprint while still producing healthy, thriving plants.

Gravity-Powered Watering System

Like all AutoPot Watering Systems, the XL operates without the need for any electricity or pressurized water. This translates to massive savings in time, money, and ecological impact. Additionally, the AQUAvalve5s that regulate every module are incredibly responsive to each plant's unique needs. This ensures that water and nutrient solution are supplied only when required, without any waste or recirculation.

In short, the XL is a game-changer for growers who demand the ultimate in flexibility, efficiency, and sustainability. Get yours today and experience the future of plant cultivation!

What's Included?: 

Depending on the selection purchased, this product has a reservoir, irrigation tubing to seamlessly connect to your AutoPots, and fittings to keep your hose tidy and organized. 

An example of what would be included if this system was purchased. (4Pot XL System - 6.6G - With Reservoir)

4Pot XL System includes: 

1x 12.4 gal reservoir & lid or 13 gal FlexiTank or 25 gal FlexiTank
1x 3/8″ top hat grommet
1x 3/8″ golf filter or 1/2″ – 3/8″ click fit tank filter (click fit filter comes with FlexiTanks)
2x 3/8″ inline tap (only 1x tap if you order a FlexiTank)
2x 3/8″ cross connector
4x 3/8″ tee connector
4x 6.6 gal pot (Black or White)
4x Grommeted 1Pot XL tray & lid
4x AQUAvalve5
1x 13ft of 3/8″ pipe
4x Root Control Disc

There are typically several ways to arrange the 4Pot system, and it includes two cross-shaped parts that can form two rows of two, as well as four tee-shaped parts that can form a single row of four, similarly, with many of the other sizes. Please get in touch with us if you would like to request a parts list of a system before ordering. 


Q: How does AutoPot Work?
A: AutoPots are a plant watering system that uses gravity and capillary action to supply water and nutrients to plants. The system features a tray that sits above a reservoir of water and a valve that controls the water level in the tray. As plants consume water, the valve opens to allow more water to flow from the reservoir into the tray. This ensures that plants always have access to the water they need without needing electricity, pumps, or timers. 

Q: How big does my plant have to use in AutoPots?
A: As a general rule of thumb, you want to ensure the plant is established. In a 2.2gal Autopot, you want your plant to be ~6" tall. In a 6.6g XL system, 12". In the XXL, 12"+ is recommended. 

Q: Can you dry-back with AutoPots? 
A: By design, no. They are designed to maintain a moist root zone. Is there any way you could dryback? Technically, you could - if you are experienced and want to allow the reservoir to dry out or turn it off while carefully monitoring your plants to ensure you're not doing more harm than good. 

Q: Is there an airbase for the AutoPot XL? 
A: Yes, there is. This will replace the need for the 1" drainage layer in the bottom of the pot. XL Systems use round AirBases

Q: Can you use AirDomes with the AutoPot XL? 
A: AirDomes are compatible with all 1Pot systems, up to and including the 1Pot XXL. They're great for pumping fresh oxygen into the bottom of the root mass for increased uptake and growth. 

Q: Do I need a water pump in my reservoir?
A: If you're feeding nutrients through the system, then yes, you would want to have a water pump turn on for 15 minutes every couple of hours. You don't need it on full blast 24/7, but enough to keep the nutrients in solution.

Q: What substrate can I use in AutoPots?
A: You must use something that holds moisture for the capillary action to work correctly. It should also drain well. Coco/perlite blends are great, living soil is great, some even use rockwood cubes/chunks mixed with clay pebbles/hydroton. 


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