Burp Lids 4-Pack | Easy Curing | Fits Wide Mouth Mason Jars

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Burp Lids make the curing process easy! As most cultivators know, the “burping” process can become time consuming, especially with larger harvests. With Burp Lids, the procedure is streamlined—the jars only require a daily pump using the included extractor pump. And with easy-release tabs on every lid, you’ll never have to worry about over-tightening.

The lids fit any standard wide-mouth Mason jar, making them a seamless addition to your grow operation. The airlock valve technology allows carbon dioxide to escape while keeping oxygen in, preventing your product from ever going stale. A date tracker is embedded into every lid to help keep track of the curing process. 

This 4-pack of Burp Lids is perfect for small to medium-sized grows. For larger operations, check out our 12-pack of lids. 


  • 4 Burp Lids 
  • Extraction Pump

Additional Information:

The airlock valve technology embedded in these lids allows you to extract the stale air out of your jars easily using the pump. No more unscrewing lids everyday! 

For even more assurance, we include a free stale air extractor pump allowing you to create a vacuum seal inside the jar. This builds up negative pressure for you to burp fresh air into the jar.

With BurpLids, not only will you never need to open the lids again, but every step of the process is made easy with a date tracker incorporated inside the lid with an easy release tab design.

All lids come with an easy release tab so you’ll never have to worry about over tightening again. We all know about those pesky jars that just refuse to open. This will never happen again with our easy leverage lids allowing you to open any jar with just a quick twist.

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