HPS Grow Room Glasses | UV Blocking | Aviator Style with Heavy-Duty Case

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  • 😎 FOR HIGH PRESSURE SODIUM (HPS) LIGHTING - Happy Hydro grow room glasses are engineered to help both small-scale and commercial growers get the most out of every single harvest. Our blue lenses filter harsh wavelengths and offer premium protection from HPS lights. Check out our green lens version for LED lights!
  • 👁️ ALWAYS PROTECT YOUR EYES - What's good for the plant isn't always good for the person! If you spend any time at all under indoor grow lights, you could be straining and harming the long-term health of your eyes. Our grow room glasses protect against harmful UV radiation and preserve your ocular clarity & depth of vision.
  • 🌱 NEVER MISS ANOTHER DETAIL - As growers have had to learn the hard way, it doesn't take much to ruin a crop and end up with nothing to show for all your hard work. With Happy Hydro lenses, you can hone in on the finest details and subtle color changes in your plants. You’ll be able to spot mites, powdery mildew, mold, nutrient deficiencies, males, hermies, and other issues before they ever become a problem.
  • 👌 CLASSIC AVIATOR STYLE - These aren't your dad's shades! The classic aviator look never goes out of style, no matter what color lenses you sport. The frame is crafted from ultra lightweight aluminum and fits comfortably. A connected nosepiece rests coolly against skin and won't slip off under hot & sweaty conditions.
  • 💪 STURDY & SCRATCH RESISTANT - As part of our FDA certification, we dropped a heavy steel ball on our polycarbonate lenses from 50' and they survived the impact without a single crack! Happy Hydro grow room glasses are hardworking, resilient, and adaptable - just like the growers who depend on them. Includes a sturdy hard-shell case for safe storage and travel.




Are you an indoor grower looking to maximize your crop yields and make more money?


Do you want the best tools at your disposal so you can grow the best bud?


Get more out of your indoor grow operation with Happy Hydro Grow Room Glasses!


Due to the high intensity necessary from grow room lights, viewing small details with the naked eye is impossible.


We've corrected this major setback by developing optical lenses that are precisely tailored to filter extraneous frequencies of light.


  • Blue lens - Protection from High Pressure Sodium (HPS) lighting


  • Green lens - Protection from LED lighting




Observe fine details and changes in your plants. Avert a crisis by preemptively catching:


✅ Mites

✅ Mold

✅ Powdery mildew

✅ Males

✅ Hermaphrodites

✅ Nutrient deficiencies




Our custom lenses shield your eyes from the harmful effects of UVA and UVB radiation.




Lightweight aluminum frame can be carefully bent to comfortably fit your head.


Forget struggling with soft plastic nosepieces - Happy Hydro frames won't slip or fall off due to sweat.




Unlike all the other wraparound frames you find on Amazon, ours features a stylish aesthetic that goes way beyond race tracks and road crews!




Each purchase includes a protective hard-shell case and microfiber cleaning cloth.


Get the most out of your grow with Happy Hydro... Click 'ADD TO CART' or 'BUY NOW' Today!

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