Happy Hydro Spring-Loaded Plant Clips

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Increase yield and grow healthier plants

Plant breakage cuts into your bottom line, causing loss of product in addition to the wasted manpower that went into growing the plant to begin with. Happy Hydro Spring-Loaded Plant Clips minimize damage caused by winds or heavy fruit-laden branches. By gently encompassing stalks and stems and securing them to stakes or canes, they fortify the plant and allow it to grow tall and reach maturity. While wire and gardening twine are abrasive to delicate stalks, our clips won't compress or girdle the plant as it grows.

Weather resistant and easy to use

Unlike improvised garden accessories, our reusable plant clips withstand season after season of precipitation and UV exposure. Happy Hydro Plant Clips only require one hand to install and uninstall, giving you the ability to use in even the most crowded areas. They are made of durable plastic and steel wire, they won't rust or degrade in rain. Best of all, you can adjust their placement at any time during the growing process with just a pinch between your thumb and forefinger to uninstall.

For the weekend gardener as well as the professional horticulturist

Whether you're nurturing flowers in a window box, training shrubs into single-stem trees, or trying to boost the yield of tomato plants or pole beans, these versatile Spring-Loaded Clips will give your plants safe and reliable support and direction. You'll spend less time tending to your garden and more time enjoying the fruits of your labor.

Help your plants reach their full potential. Add Happy Hydro Spring-Loaded Plant and Vine Clips to your cart today.

  • 20 COUNT reusable plant clips hold stems and seedlings securely to support stakes. This prevents damage to plants without inhibiting growth. Versatile clips affix stalks to canes, wires and branches.
  • SUPPORT OR STRAIGHTEN plants and stalks against high winds, and bolster fruit-laden branches to prevent crop loss. Also effective at directing plants toward sun or other light sources to enhance growth.
  • ENCIRCLES stalks and stems, holding them upright without cutting into plants the way wire ties can. These reusable clips save money season over season while offering greater support than wire cages.
  • WEATHERPROOF plastic with steel wire springs are rustproof and waterproof for long-lasting durability. Perfectly suitable for all climates and temperatures.
  • EASY TO USE with just a squeeze of the finger grips. Stake out plants quickly at the beginning of the season, and remove clips just as quickly at season’s end. No more twisting or cutting wire ties.

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