Sohum Living Soil (2 Bags x1.5CF) & 5-Gallon Fabric Pots (5)

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Designed to be ready to use, this living soil is a complete solution for indoor cultivation. SoHum combines the best of modern science and agriculture with traditional expertise and farming knowledge. Helps create cost savings for the facility, and a safer product for the consumer.

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2x 1.5CF Bag of Sohum Living Soil-This soil is nutrient dense and enhanced with beneficial microbes. 
5x 5-Gallon Fabric Pots

Pair the best living soil around with some fabric pots and all you have to do is drop in a plant and you're ready to go!

SoHum Living Soils​® was created by cann@bis entrepreneurs who harvested the harmony of plant and soil synchronicity to achieve the consistent yield at the lowest cost. No need to add anything but water and time.

The soil included won't quite fill all 5x 5-Gallon pots but since this soil isn't intended as seed starting medium there will be extra room for transplanting up from a smaller 1G size pot!

Fabric pots are great for the following reasons!

  • Allows roots to breathe and grow healthier
  • Boosts plant growth and yields
  • Decreased risk of transplant shock
  • Creates improved overall root structure
  • Prevents roots from circling to its death aka root bound or pot bound
  • Keeps plant warmer in winter and cooler in the summer
  • BPA-Free
  • Ideal for growing small plants and trees and great for herbs like onions and garlics and even small tomatoes if you like
  • Pot Dimension : 10" Diameter 9" Height


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