Pro Pod is an investment that pays off in lush vigorous plant growth.

What's going on everyone, Aaron here from Happy Hydro! This week, we're checking out the Pro Pod from Grower's Choice – an all-in-one vegetative and cloning station that offers total control at the tip of your fingers. Let's dive in and see how this system can transform a small space into a massive garden.

Unboxing the Grower's Choice Pro Pod

Inside the box, you'll find everything you need to start a small forest. Each component is designed for ease and efficiency. From standard trays that fit perfectly to LED panels that promise optimal growth, the Pro Pod has it all. Let's piece it together and power it up.

Assembly and Setup

Assembling the Pro Pod is straightforward, but you will need a few extra tools like a Phillips screwdriver and a 10mm ratchet to lock the trays and shelves into place. Each shelf weighs around 5 pounds and has two light strips attached underneath. Don't forget to remove the plastic protectors from the light strips.

10mm_ratchet_to_lock_the_trays_and _shelves_into_place

This unit accepts voltage input ranges from 108 to 277 volts, most commonly 120 volts and 240 volts. For extra security, the power cord from the wall is a twist-lock plug.

Built-In Controller and Features

One of the standout features of the Pro Pod is its built-in controller. You can schedule times, change the lighting spectrum, and adjust settings for each shelf independently. This unit is IP65 rated, meaning the powder-coated metal shelves can withstand various environmental conditions.

Pro Pod

The control system not only manages light settings but also integrates additional devices like humidifiers and exhaust fans. It can handle an inline fan up to 300 watts and 3 amps, managing significant airflow needs. You can set parameters for humidity and temperature, and the system will automatically adjust to maintain optimal growing conditions.

Lighting Specifications

The Pro Pod pulls in 440 watts from the wall and features dual spectrum LED lighting, including the GC 5K full phase and the GC clone spectrum. The GC 5K is ideal for young plants, while the GC clone spectrum, which is more blue-focused, boosts rooting and early-stage vegetative growth.

Using my Apogee tool, I tested the PAR readings at various dimming levels:

  • 100%: Around 320 to 220 to about 170 PPFD at canopy height.
  • 50%: Around 120 to 170 PPFD.
  • 25%: Around 50 to 70 PPFD, perfect for getting those little plants started.

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Best Practices for Maintaining Your Pro Pod

To keep your Pro Pod at peak performance, regular cleaning and checking all components are crucial. Understanding feedback from your plants will help you dial in the perfect settings. With a 5-year warranty, this system is a long-term investment that pays off in lush, vigorous plant growth.


Whether you're starting a microgreen side hustle, producing 1,000 clones every 1-2 weeks, or growing enough tomato plants for everyone you know, this all-in-one grow operation is perfect for you.


The Grower's Choice Pro Pod incorporates everything you need to make sure your vegetative and cloning tent is top of the line. Until next time, stay happy and keep growing!

Check out the Grower's Choice Pro Pod here.

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